Polyplas International are able to supply a range of Technical Services in order to provide the most effective solution for suspension and seismic bracing.

The following range of engineering services are available:

Installation Design

Polyplas International are able to provide expert advice in order to ensure the most effective installation for any application.

In order to reduce programme time and installation costs further, Gripple Catenary Systems can be employed to span structural steels and suitable building components.

Seismic Bracing Design & Specification

Gripple is a world leading provider of seismic bracing and blast protection systems. Gripple Seismic systems are fully tested and approved to OSHPD OPA-2123-10 and UL NEBS GR 63 Core Certification and has SMACNA verification, recognised as the most demanding requirement in the world.

Polyplas International Technical Services can offer:

  1. Engineered seismic bracing calculations based on design category, occupancy, importance and relevant site specific seismic specifications.
  2. Detailed engineer’s sealed drawings indicating the location of seismic bracing points and bracket type.
  3. Polyplas International on-site training on seismic product installation.
  4. Completion visit by a Polyplas International Seismic Specialist to ensure correct installation.
  5. Gripple Seismic Bracing products per engineering calculations, including:
    1. Seismic wire rope kit with End Fixing and colour coded verification tag
    2. Seismic component bracket
    3. Gripple Seismic Hanger

On-site Support

Site surveys, on-site pull testing to verify substrate suitability, progress reports and completion certificates can all be requested from Polyplas International Technical Services. Training is also available on a range of Gripple products and time saving installation methods.


Safe Working Loads

Each size range of Gripple hangers has a specification which must be adhered to in order to ensure safe operation. When suspending vertically, the maximum load rating for each size range is shown in the table below.

Safe Working Load (SWL)
No.110 kg
No.245 kg
No.390 kg
No.4225 kg
No.5325 kg

Hanging at Angles

The load rating for a Gripple Hanger is based on the suspension being hung vertically. If the wire rope is at an angle, an additional sideways force is applied which increases the load on the suspension. The net effect is shown in the table below.


Wire Rope Construction & Cross Sections

The wire ropes used within our product ranges are manufactured with a galvanised coating in accordance with the norm EN 12385.


Key Recommendations

Independent Testing

Gripple products have been independently tested by leading test houses around the world including Lloyd’s Register, Apave and TUV.

Testing includes:

  • APAVE Certification
  • CSA Certification
  • INTERTEK Certification
  • LLOYDS Certification
  • SMACNA Certification
  • TUV Certification
  • UL Certification
  • Load Testing
  • Vibration Testing

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