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Seismic Bracing & Engineering Services

Gripple’s engineered seismic bracing systems are designed and tested in accordance with NZS4219 to brace and secure suspended non-structural equipment.

Gripple's Range of Applications

Gripple New Zealand’s products are ideal for seismic bracing and a wide range of suspension applications. Industry proven, Gripple New Zealand has been used as a fast and effective solution on thousands of installations across the globe.

Gripple New Zealand products are used extensively in the following industries:

Seismic Bracing

Seismic Bracing

Seismic Bracing Systems for non-structural components.

Mechanical & HVAC Suspension

Mechanical & HVAC Suspension

Fast & effective suspension of cable containment, pipework & chilled beams

Electrical Services & Cable Suspension

Electrical Services & Cable Suspension

Fast & effective suspension of all types of electrical containment

Lighting Suspension

Lighting Suspension

Sleek, aesthetic suspensions for panel, strip, or high bay lighting

Cold Storage

Cold Storage

The perfect solution for suspending coldroom panels, offering speed and ease of installation.

Other Applications

Other Applications

Gripple is perfect for a wide range of suspension and bracing application

Gripple New Zealand Projects

Gripple New Zealand are proud to have supplied seismic racing on some of the most high profile projects in New Zealand.  With a full range of Gripple wire seismic braces, RIKTA rigid braces, ans seismic engineering services, Gripple New Zealand can provide the ideal solution for any project.

Our Products

Gripple's innovative products are designed and tested to be fast to install, easy to transport and provide a sleek, aesthetic finish, Select a product range for more information on how Gripple can benefit you.


Time & Material Savings

Provided as ready-to-use kits, Gripple’s wire rope solutions are up to 85% faster to install compared with traditional methods. One box of No.2 kits weighs just 8 kg and does the same job as 150 kg of threaded rod and channel.

Health & Safety

Ready-to-use straight from the box, Gripple kits remove the need for potentially hazardous hot works, cutting, and filing on site. The adaptability of the system means wires can be pre-installed across whole floors, reducing the time spent working at height.


For every metre of Gripple wire rope installed in place of threaded rod, it is estimated that a saving of 1.2 kg of embodied CO2 is made. This equates to a total embodied CO2 saving of up to 95% when using Gripple solutions.

High Quality Finish

Gripple wire rope kits are lightweight and virtually invisible. Comparing 2 mm wire rope to 8 mm threaded rod, the difference is easy to see. With a trend towards exposed services, Gripple wire rope kits enhance the workspace significantly.

Rigid Seismic Bracing

Seismic Beam Clamp

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