Building Information Modelling

Gripple NZ offers a full suite of 3D modelling services for accurate seismic bracing design and simultaneous modelling. Taking advantages of Gripple NZ’s BIM capabilities has many advantages:

Our Engineering function will take into account key factors such as height of services, accessibility of brace locations, clash detection and angle specification in order to identify exemptions and efficiently specify bracing requitements, meaning a faster installation, saving you time and money. All of this can be achieved in one initial assessment making it easy to visualise the design long before construction begins and providing a better understanding of the design.

3D models are easier to navigate and find building information than 2D drawings and specific 3D bracing models can be created to address difficult or congested areas. This is especially advantageous in installations such as plant rooms where space is limited. These designs give a better understanding of the bracing requirements and helps visualise space requirements, creating a more cost effective and appropriate design.

Any amount of detail can be inserted into the model; such as the size of brace, lengths, angles and fixing requirements while the designs can be viewed by not just the engineer but clients as well using mostly free software.

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