The Gripple New Zealand product range is designed for seismic bracing and the fast suspension of HVAC, mechanical and electrical services, pipework, lighting and much more.A wide range of end fixings allow attachment to a variety of substrates.Gripple New Zealand hangers are simple to use and versatile, making them suited for use across a range of applications. Lightweight, visually discreet products are perfect for use in industrial or architectural installations.Industry leading product testing provides safe, industry proven, high load rated solutions.Gripple New Zealand also provide Stainless Steel hangers offering a fire rating and corrosion resistance.

The Angel Hanger is designed for architectural lighting suspensions, signage, acoustic baffles and all other installations where aesthetics are important.Suitable for use with loads up to 15 kg at a 5:1 safety factor, the Gripple Angel range of hangers are perfect to compliment contemporary designs. All Angel products are simple to adjust requiring just one hand, setting the range apart from other aesthetic hangers.

The Angel range of products have been designed with the following key factors in mind.

  • Simple one handed operation for easy adjustment
  • Contemporary design to compliment the overall suspension
  • Extensive range of ceiling fixtures allowing installation in most locations
  • Suitable for loads up to 15 kg at a 5:1 safety factor, to accommodate a range of suspensions
  • Variety of end fixings to enable attachment to different fixing points
  • Supplied in convenient, ready-to-use kits in lengths up to 10 m at standard
  • Uses 1.5 mm wire rope to make the suspension as discreet as possible

Ideal for balanced single point suspension of lighting cable tray or basket Y-Fit products are available with a range of end fixings and with a variety of leg lengths one leg can be detached to allow quick and easy cable installation

Ideal for single and multi-tiered suspension of piping electrical and HVAC services The Gripple range of Trapeze hangers offer fast suspension of cable containment pipework air conditioning cassettes and chilled beams The aesthetic designs are perfect for exposed services and include simple adjustment options Specialist products are available to allow simple attachment to rectangular ducting attenuators and cable basket and tray

Create secure overhead spans by running high strength wire between two fixing points Designed for installations where no direct vertical anchor point is available Catenary Kits allow lightweight spans to be created exactly where required for the installation The Gripple C-Clip an innovative twist on off device allows you to create a suspension point anywhere along the span Overhead spans are designed to be discreet can be created retrospectively without the need for specialist tools The light duty 3 mm Catenary solution is ideal for suspending lightweight electrical services ductwork and signage up to 30 kg per span The heavy duty 6 mm Catenary solution is perfect for suspending M amp E or HVAC services or where a long Catenary is required up to 100 kg per span

Gripple Catenary Kits offer the following advantages: 

  • Lightweight and visually discreet
  • Can be fitted retrospectively
  • C-Clip End Fixing allows horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • No tools needed to install means a fast installation, reducing time spent working at height
  • Available in 3 mm and 6 mm wire rope diameter versions with lockable Gripples, for suspensions up to 100 kg per span, as well as in a lightweight 2 mm option for running cable
  • Supplied as complete, ready-to-use kits, including galvanised wire rope cut to bespoke lengths, a hex locking key and release key
  • Cams lock solidly in place at angles up to 60°
  • Easily tensioned using the Gripple Catenary tensioning tool (6 mm only)

A Polyplas International configured solution for the Australian and New Zealand markets Cat Wire systems create hi-tensile wire rope spans ideal for the safe and secure running of electrical cables over significant distances Cat Wire spans can be specified to suit the exact needs of your application and offer a fast and effective method of creating overhead cable runs meaning large time and cost savings and improved site safety through reduced the time spent working at height With Safe Working Loads SWL from 45 kg to 500 kg with a 5 1 safety factor Cat Wire solutions are highly adaptable visually discreet can be fitted retrospectively and require no special tools A wide range of End Fixings are available to allow simple installation regardless of anchor points

Cat Wire Kits – 2 mm / 3 mm

Kits are available with between 100 - 1000 m of wire role and the required quantity Gripple hangers and offer the following advantages: 

  • Secure, industry proven horizontal spans provide the ideal solution to quickly and easily run electrical cable
  • Fully tested
  • Industry proven
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight

Cat Wire Kits – 6 mm

8Kit includes 30 m wire with 2 x Lockable Gripple D6 devices

End Fixings & Accessories

A range of end fixings and accessories are available to make the installation process as quick and easy as possible. Whether the Cat Wire spans are to be fixed to concert, steel, or wood, Polyplas International can offer industry proven solutions whatever the anchor points. Please contact us for more information on how a Cat Wire solution can be customised for your application.

Ideal for quick and easy installation of a wide variety of pipework within mechanical and plumbing services The Quick Twist QT clamps are designed for use alongside the custom designed brackets providing the fastest pipework and plumbing installations available up to six times faster than traditional methods Brackets are provided in a variety of sizes removing the need for cutting on site

Gripple seismic bracing systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended nonstructural equipment VAV boxes fans unit heaters small in-line pumps etc and components HVAC duct conduit cable tray and piping within a building or structure to minimize damage from an earthquake or seismic event In contrast to standard wire bracing Gripple s seismic system is in compliance with AS1170 4 and NZ4219 UL tested for NEBS GR 63 Core fully tested and approved to OSHPD OPA-2123-10 and has SMACNA verification recognised as the most demanding requirement in the world

Gripple Seismic Wire Bracing Systems offer the following advantages: 

  • No field swaging of wires
  • Up to 10 times faster to install
  • No tools required
  • Colour coding allows easy field verification
  • Suitable for new or retrofit installations
  • Can be used in a variety of bracing configurations (transverse, longitudinal, 4-way)
  • Complete pre-engineered systems
  • In compliance with AS1170.4 and NZ4219
  • OSHPD OPA 2123-10 approval (GS10, GS12, and GS19 systems)
  • SMACNA verified
  • UL NEBS GR 63 Core Certification

A wide range of end fixings to guarantee the most suitable solution whatever the application

A full range of accessories ideal for fitting to any base material and adapting the solution to meet the needs of any installation.