It is crucial to ensure that buildings and assets are properly protected and will continue to operate after a seismic event. Suspended non-structural building components are critical for the proper functioning of a building, and make up a high percentage of a building’s damage in a seismic event. Gripple New Zealand can provide properly engineered bracing and isolation of these services, which is particularly critical for essential facilities that must remain operational in the aftermath of an earthquake or seismic event (such as hospitals, fire/rescue, water/power, etc.), or facilities representing a substantial hazard to human life such as schools, jails

Gripple Wire Seismic Bracing

Tested in accordance with NZ4219 and NZS1170.0 Gripple wire seismic braces are designed specifically to provide cost effective, time saving solutions for your non-structural seismic bracing application.

Perfect for bracing non-structural components such as mechanical and HVAC, electrical services and pipework, the Gripple seismic bracing range has Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) ratings of up to 1746kg and a ULS ratings up to 1470kg.

Low-pry brackets maximise load ratings allowing smaller seismic anchors to be used and coloured ID tags make visual inspection quick and easy.

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RIKTA Rigid Seismic Bracing

RIKTA Rigid seismic braces have been developed as a seismic support solution for bracing non-structural components.

RIKTA rigid bracing products are cyclically tested to ANSI/ASHRAE171 and rated in accordance with NZ1170.0 to confirm with NZ4219, NZS1170.4 and NZS1170.5.

Designed for use with a variety of common, low-cost steel types including SHS, pipe, and strut; RIKTA products are a superior solution to traditional strut bracing, removing the reliance on strut nuts and torque tools. A patented low-pry bracket design reduces the prying effect and allowing smaller anchors to be used, speeding up the installation process.

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RIKTA Seismic Beam Clamps

With the highest seismic load rating of any beam clamp on the market, the PM-T50 Seismic beam clamp has been specifically developed for use in demanding seismic bracing applications.

Easy to install and eliminating the need for welding or drilling into structural steel, the RIKTA Seismic beam clamps embed into the structural steel to prevent slipping and provide a direct fixing to the beam.

This allows for effective seismic bracing of non-structural components ceilings or walls are not accessible with an LRFD rating over 2200kg and a ULS rating of over 1500kg (when bracing is installed at 45 degrees).

The RIKTA PM Beam Clamps are suitable for fixing to braces in opposing directions and are designed for use in either push through or retrofit applications.

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Seismic Engineering Services – PS1/PS4

In addition to the industry leading product range, Gripple NZ provides a comprehensive range of technical services for seismic applications across New Zealand. The key objective of the certified Engineering function is to provide the most suitable, cost effective seismic bracing solution for all non-structural building services to conform with NZ4219, NZS1170.4 and NZS1170.5.

This focus allows Gripple NZ to confidently say that our solutions are the most effective available option for fully certified, industry proven non-structural restraints.

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Seismic Bracing Installation

Seismic Restraints NZ provides a full range of seismic installation services across NZ from commercial offices and hospitals to schools and homes.

Seismic Restraints NZ’s solutions are specifically developed to mitigate harm to people, equipment, and buildings during seismic events.

SRNZ is the Code Compliant answer when it comes to your seismic requirements for non-structural building components.
Proudly operating across NZ since 2001, SRNZ has built the most complete package for seismic bracing of building contents. Specialising in NZS4219 and NZS4104 compliance SRNZ offer consultancy, auditing, costing, bracing design, engineering, supply, installation and compliance documentation.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Gripple NZ offers a full suite of 3D modelling services for accurate seismic bracing design and simultaneous modelling.

Our Engineering function will take into account key factors such as height of services, accessibility of brace locations, clash detection and angle specification in order to identify exemptions and efficiently specify bracing requitements, meaning a faster installation, saving you time and money.

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Lighting and Signage Solutions

The global lighting industry is evolving and is expected to enjoy healthy future growth. Population and urbanization increases drive this trend in general, whilst government regulation, resource scarcity and concerns around climate change are driving the development of smaller, more energy efficient lighting. This, in turn, facilitates the trend towards more aesthetically focused lighting units.

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Other Applications

Gripple wire rope suspension systems are the perfect solution for a wide variety of suspension applications, from cold storage insulated panels, mechanical and electrical services to pipework, lighting, and signage.

Up to six times faster to install then traditional methods, all suspension kits have been designed to save you time, labour and money by making installation quick and easy. Gripple solutions are supplied as ready to use kits requiring no pre-work such as hot works, cutting or filing. Safe pre-installation across complete floors is possible.

One box of standard No.2 hanger kits weighs just 8kg and does the same job as 150kg of threaded rod and channel.

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