Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

Gripple non-rigid seismic bracing, RIKTA rigid bracing and RIKTA beam clamps were supplied to this $400 million project commencing in late 2017. The convention centre totals 28000sqm and is made up of three separate buildings, Plenary, Exhibition hall, and Admin building, the convention centre is a key part of the next generation of buildings in Christchurch.

Gripple NZ was involved with the design and supply for the Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical, and Fire Protection services. 3D BIM modelled designs were provided for the seismic bracing. These are fully co-ordinated to eliminate any onsite delays due to coordination. Further information on the Gripple range of seismic braces can be found here: https://grippleaustralia.com.au/shop/

Calculations and designs were also provided to determine if additional strengthening/support was required to the structure to be able to take the imposed loads from suspended services. Where the calculations show that additional strengthening is required we are providing secondary steel designs that are then checked and approved by the main Structural Engineering Consultant.
In many cases wire bracing was the obvious choice for this project given that all seismic brace connections were required to be taken back to structural steel, in some cases, this has meant a brace length of 16mts. Also, several zones in the building have a double-height plenum, with the services being installed close to the suspended ceilings. In most of these areas, the seismic braces would be more than 4mt long, the length of these braces rules out using rigid bracing.

Information on all RIKTA products can be found by visiting www.riktaseismic.com

Using RIKTA bracing products across the project saved us a heap of time. The specifications helped plan the workload and the new beam clamps gave us a solution we’ve never had before.

Dave, Site Foreman

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