South East Water

Where: Victoria, Australia
What: Mechanical services


South East Water is a Victorian Government owned corporation providing drinking water, sewerage, waste, recycled water, and water saving services for residents and businesses across Victoria. South East Water manages over $3 billion of assets including 23,000 kilometres of pipeline, 80 water pump stations and 255 sewage pump stations.

In September 2015, South East Water moved its Head Office to Frankston, Victoria, and Gripple were there to help. Designed without suspended ceilings, all ductwork is exposed so a suspension solution needed to be both reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

The contractor was a fan of the Gripple concept but unfamiliar with the products. Once they saw the options available and how much faster their installation process would be, they were adamant there was no other option for them. The speed of installation combined with the aesthetic benefits were seen as the main benefits as the products look so much better than having exposed threaded rod.

Gripple was so much faster than the normal way we do things. The reduced weight meant that it was much easier to get around site. As they are supplied in boxes there is no need for a crane lift

Jason, Mechanical Contractor

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